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A Charming Range of Coffee Tables for Australian Homes

The trusty side table can never be underestimated for its importance in the household. We let our phones charge on it, we throw food rubbish on them when we can’t be bothered getting up and going to the bin and we batter it when we smack down on the snooze button when we’re already running late for work. It is the opinion of the team at Luxy Living that the side table is as important to a home as a front door, and therefore we supply a charming range of side tables and coffee tables for all of your practical/lazy needs. From the rustic and wooden to contemporary reflecting glass marvels, the range of side and coffee tables available at Luxy Living is wide and accommodating. Whatever the design aesthetic of your home: modern, provincial or beachy, we have a table for you.

We provide fast shipping throughout Australia on all coffee and side tables at our online store. We don’t want you to go without: having to get up to take that chocolate wrapper to the bin if you can leave it on your new Luxy Living side table.

Our range of tables

At Luxy Living, you will find a wide and diverse range of coffee and side tables perfectly suitable for a variety of design aesthetics. From the European vintage of the Annika Scandinavian to the contemporary chic and the charming and functional , there truly is a table at Luxy Living to suit any tastes. Feel free to browse the range at our online store and get in touch with our friendly team if you have any enquiries about the pieces we supply.

Our dedication to superior furnishing

At Luxy Living, we don’t settle for second best. We understand the basic principles for having quality furniture: comfort, style, aesthetic enhancement, and therefore we select a wide range of items to suit a wide variety of homes. Not only this, we personally test and trial the furnishings available at our online store to ensure that they are of the highest quality. Once we believe that it lives up to our stringent design requirements we approve it for sale. That is the Luxy Living difference – we never compromise for quality in order to make a quick sale, what you receive is of the highest quality, guaranteed.