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Stylish and Ergonomic Chairs for Australian Offices

The office is, and for many unfortunately, the place where we spend most of our waking hours. At least it feels that way, and it feels that but on an even more punishing scale if we don’t have comfortable furniture to park ourselves into in order to be productive throughout the day. Not only this, but uncomfortable, non-ergonomic office chairs can create serious long-term problems for the posture, legs and back, among other parts of the body that suffer as a result of poorly designed office seating. Therefore, to ensure maximum comfort and postural health you require an office chair that makes you feel good, from 9-5! This is where Luxy Living steps into the fray. We have an extensive collection of stylish and ergonomic executive office chairs for sale at our online store. From the typical, comfortably curved seat to foot rested comfort kings and mobile massage chairs, Luxy Living has exactly what you need to ensure comfort and postural support at the office.

We provide fast shipping throughout Australia on our range of office chairs as we don’t believe you should have to sit in discomfort and add strain to your back for as long as you should have to.

Our extensive range of office chairs

Whatever your back, buttocks, and legs require for a comfortable seat during those long days at the office, Luxy Living have the style for you. From the executive office chair with foot rest, perfect for creating a comfortable space during work or relaxing on break, to our range of massage chairs that will not only provide you with optimal comfort but also keep the circulation going throughout the day. Our collection of chairs doesn’t just range as far as the desk, we have a wide collection of lounges and reception benches that will provide prime comfort for your business partners and guests whilst they wait for you to get out of prior engagements.

Our dedication to office comfort

At Luxy Living, we understand the pitfalls of having a disastrously uncomfortable office chair. It gets to about three in the afternoon and, all of a sudden, things start to feel tight in a wide variety of body parts. This is perhaps an early indication that your office chair is not ergonomically sound for you to keep sitting in. Therefore, we have trialled and tested our range of chairs to ensure that they are of the highest quality and comfort for users. Feel free to browse our range – we’re sure you will find one that you will love sitting in, 9-5.