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Office Furniture and Supplies for All Applications 

The office can be a pretty drab place to work if it is not functional, spacious, and comfortable for staff. A working office requires imperative furnishings such as ergonomic chairs, cupboards for coats, cabinets for documents and desks for, well, working (duh). Without these necessities, an office simply can’t operate effectively. However, there is a difference between just having these furnishings and having high quality furnishings. Anyone who has worked in an office can tell you of the pitfalls of inferior quality furniture and applications. Things just don’t run as smoothly, and everyone ends up leaving at the end of the day with a sore back due to the random grooves in the mass-supplied chairs they sit in for eight hours. Therefore, Luxy Living has a range of executive office furniture and accessories for sale at our online store. You will see your staffs’ productivity increase dramatically as our furnishings are highly practical for use in a wide range of office environments.

We provide super-fast shipping throughout Australia on all office furnishings, regardless of whether it is a single cabinet or a range of desk chairs.

Our extensive range of products

At Luxy Living, we have made sure to cover all bases of executive office furnishings. We are your one-stop shop for all you need to ensure the comfort and productivity of your staff. Not only this, they will absolutely love you for supplying them with a variety of furnishings that they will be truly happy working with. We just want to see the office workers of Australia comfortable and happy to be in the workplace, and the ergonomic nature of our chairs and practicality of our cabinets, drawers and desks reflect this desire. Feel free to browse the extensive range and get in contact with our friendly team if you have any enquiries about our furnishings and we will provide you with all the information you require.

Our commitment to office comfort

At Luxy Living, we understand the long days at the office can be a real drag. It is vitally important that your staff are comfortable and happy in their seating arrangement. If not, it can not only have a detrimental effect on their productivity but also their health. With more people making their way to the doctor/physio for treatment relating to pains caused in the office, ergonomic furnishing is essential. This is why we have a dedication to providing optimal comfort for staff and trialled all products available at our store.